31 days without Bubble Makers

a short message from Pablo


It’s been a while since I’ve sent you an email. 31 days, to be more exact. I have been working so much in the Bubble Crash Course that I didn’t have time to write. The course took my full attention!

I’m very proud of what we have created. We have recorded 50+ videos divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started

  • Structuring your database

  • Design & Responsiveness

  • Actions and sending data

  • Repeating Groups & Pop-Ups

  • Option Sets

  • Privacy Rules

  • Backend workflows

  • Loops (API Workflows)

  • Plugins

  • APIs

  • Finding and fixing errors

  • Implementing billing

  • Publishing your app

  • App walkthroughs (includes 4 walkthroughs of our own apps, where we explain how we have created them in detail)

It’s the first digital product I’ve created, so this is all a whole new experience. One of the best things about making video lessons is that it forces you to learn so much. Having to explain something makes you aware of all your knowledge gaps.

We have sold 84 courses and the feedback has been very positive, which makes me so happy.

We were going to raise prices today but it didn’t make much sense to do so before telling you. We will keep the current prices ($109 and $139) until Sunday when they will go up to $159 and $199.

If you want to purchase, you can do it here.

Regarding this newsletter, I’ll be resuming normal writing on March 30. I have more than 140 short tips prepared for the next issues, so we should learn quite a bit in the upcoming months. Every time I recorded a video I noted a few tips in my Airtable. You can imagine its size by now!

DM me on Twitter or answer this email if you have any questions about the course. Or about Bubble. I’m always happy to help.

See you on March 30 with tips, apps, and tweets!