Who am I?

I'm Pablo Heredia Pastor, someone who decided in August 2020 that he was going to build 12 digital products in 12 months. Since then I’ve built several web apps, joined a great agency called Airdev as a Bubble developer, produced two Bubble video courses, and more importantly, had a lot of fun.

I've been flirting with Bubble for a while now and in this newsletter, I share with you some tips that I would like to see in my own inbox every week.

What will you find in the newsletter?

  1. One tip for beginners --> The Beginners Bubble

  2. One tip for more experienced makers --> The Makers Bubble

  3. One app built with Bubble --> App of the week

  4. One tweet related to Bubble or no-code in general --> Tweet of the week

When will I email you?

Every now and then. I know this is not the typical answer but I’m going for quality over quantity. You already get an insane amount of emails every week, so I’ll make sure this newsletter is always worth the open. If you want an estimate, I will probably send you 1 email per month.


Building 12 products in 12 months, with Bubble!